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Barbecues and Pets... Potential Accidents Waiting to Happen!

By Dr. Leslie Ann Ross D.V.M. B.Sc.

Let’s discuss B.B.Q. safety and our pets! Burned tongues are no fun and severe burns can pose a serious health threat. Hungry dogs and food-driven dogs are always quick to try and grab a hot piece of meat from the grill. Most cats can easily jump onto a hot B.B.Q. lid not realizing the danger. Similar risks are associated with campfires. Stones around the fire get very hot and can burn paws. Also, flying embers can burn a pet’s skin and eyes. Knocked over B.B.Q.’s and camp stoves can also be a fire hazard.

Attentive supervision is very important when our pets are around BBQ’s and other outside cooking devices. So, let’s embrace the joys of summer outdoor cooking while keeping our beloved pets safe.

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