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COLD LASER THERAPY: Safe and Proven to be Effective!

By Dr. Leslie Ross

Cold Laser Therapy is being used therapeutically worldwide in the human field as well as very broadly in the veterinary field. It is a treatment modality that is very safe, effective, cost-efficient and portable. It is reported that many professional football teams transport this technology with them to assist in the treatment of muscle and bone injury that may occur during any of their games.

The term “Laser”, is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, This treatment modality provides proven benefits to humans and pets in pain management, wound healing and as an anti-inflammatory mediator. An excellent source of a multitude of studies of Class 1V technology can be found online at

The following cute image is of Chester, a very personable miniature Schnauzer, wearing mandatory specialized eyewear to protect his eyes from the laser light.

Chester was suffering from serious gangrenous wounds sustained from an unprovoked dog attack. Cold Laser Therapy and an appropriate antibiotic facilitated uncomplicated healing.

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