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Introducing Kayla, A Very Energetic 14 Year Old German Short Haired Pointer

As our Case Study for this month we are very pleased to share with our Facebook friends some information about Kayla, a very energetic, obedient and intelligent German Short Haired Pointer.

The focus of this study is directed not on any of her specific health concerns but on her great overall health as she approaches her 15th year of life! (Of note: the average life expectancy of this popular breed is from 12 to 15 years of age).

Kayla is a hunting-type dog with the typical webbed feet and water resistant coat characteristic of her breed.

When I first met her at out clinic she was 7 years old. She arrived without a leash, obediently and joyfully responding to the voice commands of her owner. This method of communication between master and dog continues to this day. Her owner’s voice is an invisible leash and is testimony to her loyalty to him and sheer joy of being in the company of her master.

Kayla’s energy level has always seemed boundless to me, even to this day. I can only imagine what she must have been like when she was a much younger dog. Allow me to speculate that had I known her then my impression would have been that she moved like she had a jet pack strapped to her back and leaped at airplanes as an idle pastime!

Kayla has had to overcome numerous health issues throughout her life, some quite major, including, body injuries, a chronic heart condition, hypothyroidism, chronic liver disease, and two kinds of cancer. Throughout the years numerous advanced diagnostic tests and surgeries have tested her stamina and overall resilience. She has endured all tests with flying colors! A sturdy genetic make-up along with a very observant and caring owner aware of the importance of preventive health measures have no doubt been significantly contributory to her continued good health in her sunset years.

Presently, and for many years now, Kayla has been receiving a range of medications, prescription diets, and nutraceuticals addressing her changing health needs. A little more recently she has been receiving monthly cold laser sessions to help relieve her joint discomfort associated with arthritic changes. The reward of these measures is evident in what appears to be a plentiful supply of spring left in her steps as she bounds thru her autumn years!

As a family tradition, Kayla’s owner has taken her to either Long Beach Washington or Cannon Beach Oregon every birthday anniversary of her life since she was a young pup. In all likelihood she will be at one of these beaches romping in the waters and on the sand in celebration of her 15 th birthday, on Sept 5.

At out clinic we plan to raise our glasses to a toast that day to share our collective delight as she bounces into her future.

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