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Introducing “Oreo” a Very Cute English Spot X Bunny as our Case of the Month for February 2014

It is with pleasure that we introduce to all readers Oreo, a beautiful spayed English Spot X bunny, as Our Case of the Month choice! She was presented to us on January 25/ 2014 because her owners had noticed that for a few days she had been experiencing some discomfort in her right eye, even to the extent of her preferring to keep it partially closed at times.

To determine the status of her eye a common diagnostic procedure known as a fluorescein dye test was performed permitting a clear reason for her problem. An expansive corneal ulcer was outlined by this fluorescent-green dye test. (The cornea is the shiny, colorful outermost layer of the eye). This injury was for the most part hidden under her lower eyelid. It was likely caused by an abrasive rub of her eye by an object with a rough surface.

An ophthalmic gel that contained an antibiotic combined with an eye lubricant was prescribed and a follow-up exam was scheduled for 10 days later.

It was a pleasing finding on her follow-up appointment that the fluorescein dye test indicated essentially a healed cornea.

The accompanying images show Oreo assuming her “Wanna come out and play with me” pose in one image and “Yum Yum Kale” pose as she is presented with one of her favorite leafy green treats.

Her owners are very dedicated to attending to her nutritional needs. They even grow kale in their own garden for her (and for themselves) in the summer! They ensure that she always has access to a variety of good quality fresh hay and dried grasses as well as plenty fresh leafy greens. Additionally, of course, lots of clean, fresh water is made conveniently available to her 24/7. Her pellet rations are limited to no more than ¼ cup per day to ensure that her teeth are properly worn down and that her gastro-intestinal tract functions well.

We are grateful to Tanya Tomlinson and other family members for allowing us to arrange for a photo-shoot of Oreo. She is a very photogenic bunny, with her butterfly facial markings, spots and herringbone back stripe! These features are distinctive characteristics of the ancient English Spot breed, which makes up part of her heritage.

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