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More Than Just an ID Tag: The Lifesaving Power of Microchips for Pets


Here at Vedder Mountain Veterinary Clinic, we’re passionate about keeping your furry companions happy and healthy. May is Chip Your Pet Month, and this year, we want to focus on the incredible power of microchipping. It’s a simple procedure that can make a world of difference by providing a more reliable form of identification than a collar tag.

Let’s face it: collars and tags, while essential, aren’t foolproof. They can break, fall off, or become unreadable over time. If your furry friend ever wanders too far from home, this can leave them without any way for someone to identify them and get them back to you safely. However, a microchip offers a permanent and secure solution.

What is a Microchip, and How Does it Work?

A microchip is a tiny, rice-sized device that provides permanent identification for pets. This little wonder is implanted under your pet’s skin using a syringe, usually between the shoulder blades. The procedure is similar to a routine vaccination. It’s quick and relatively pain-free. Most pets experience, at most, minor discomfort. Many don’t even feel the chip being inserted. The microchip itself doesn’t contain any GPS or tracking device. Instead, it holds a unique identification number.

Why is Microchipping Better Than an ID Tag?

Unlike a collar ID tag that can fall off or become illegible, a microchip can’t be lost or tampered with. It’s permanently implanted and remains undetected beneath your pet’s skin for their entire life.

Here’s the real magic: the microchip is linked to a national registry containing your vital contact information.

When a lost pet ends up at a veterinary clinic or animal shelter, the first course of action is to scan for a microchip. The scanner reads the unique ID number on the chip. That number then links to the pet’s profile in the registry, which holds your name, address, and phone number. Just like that, with a quick scan, you can be reunited with your lost pet.

The Lifesaving Power of Microchips

The most compelling reason to microchip your pet is the incredible chance of a happy reunion if they ever get lost. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, microchipped pets are reunited with their families at a significantly higher rate than non-microchipped pets.

Microchips offer more benefits than just lost pet recovery. They can also be helpful in reuniting stolen pets with their families. Additionally, some countries require microchipping for pets traveling internationally. Microchipping is affordable and takes just a few minutes, but it provides a lifetime of peace of mind.

Additional Considerations When Microchipping Your Pet

The most important thing to remember after microchipping your pet is to keep your contact information up-to-date in the microchip registry. If you move or change phone numbers, be sure to update your information promptly. We recommend checking your pet’s profile regularly just to make sure all of the information is current.

Please note that a microchip is not a substitute for a collar and ID tag. It also doesn’t replace your pet’s license or rabies tags. Think of your pet’s microchip as an extra layer of protection, not a replacement for essential tags.

Schedule Your Pet’s Appointment for Microchipping in Chilliwack

Microchipping is a simple yet powerful way to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being. It’s more than just an ID tag. It’s a lifeline that can bring you and your lost pet back together if you are ever separated. If you have any questions about microchipping or would like to schedule an appointment to have your pet microchipped in Chilliwack, please don’t hesitate to contact Vedder Mountain Veterinary Clinic. We’re here to help!

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