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Rabbits Can Be Great Pets!

By Dr. Leslie Ross D.V.M. B.Sc.

Rabbits as pets are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, as more people become aware of how they have distinctive personalities, intelligence, and are relatively easy to care for. In addition to being affordable pets, they are interactive and entertaining house companions who can bond very closely to people they trust. Rabbits generally can get along well with other household cats or dogs. They enjoy life to their fullest if allowed time to hop about the home but do need to be supervised at these times since they have an innate tendency to chew on objects such as electrical cords, some wood objects and other items of interest to them.

Rabbits have very different basic needs from cats and dogs so it is important for new owners to be well informed about their rather unique nutritional and overall wellness requirements. Also, because of their well-known fertility capabilities along with the quite high risk of intact females developing uterine cancers and male rabbits developing male-oriented behaviours such as territorial marking and dominance behaviours, it is very important for them to be spayed or neutered at an appropriate age.

Please feel very welcome to phone our office to set up an appointment to have us provide your pet with a wellness assessment and to offer you further suggestions and tips to assist you to maintain your adorable rabbit-friend as a healthy and happy pet for many rewarding years of companionship together.

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