Spay and Neuter

As a devoted and conscientious pet owner, you certainly want to do what is best for your furry friends.

Having them spayed or neutered is one of the most beneficial things you can do to ensure their well-being. Primarily intended to prevent unwanted litters, these routine procedures also significantly reduce the risk of certain health risks and common problematic behaviors in pets. Here at Vedder Mountain Veterinary Clinic, we offer spay and neuter services in Chilliwack and do everything possible to ensure our patients’ comfort and safety.
dog wearing a protective cone on his neck after sterilization surgery
Spay and Neuter Benefits

Spay and Neuter Benefits

Spaying and neutering prevent unwanted pregnancies, but they also provide many other advantages. These procedures lower or eliminate the chances of your pet developing reproductive cancers, such as testicular or uterine cancer. Additionally, spaying and neutering can substantially lower the probability of mammary tumors, prostate issues, and endocrine disorders like diabetes.

Having your pet spayed or neutered also has the potential to eliminate bothersome behaviors, such as yowling, howling, spraying, or roaming. In addition, this procedure can decrease aggression in pets.
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Spay and Neuter in Chilliwack

At Vedder Mountain Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to providing the highest quality care for your pet. We highly recommend spay and neuter procedures for all our patients and encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our surgical suite is equipped with modern technology and equipment to ensure that your pet will remain safe and comfortable throughout their entire procedure. Give us a call now for spay and neuter services in Chilliwack.
Vedder Mountain Veterinary Clinic provides spay and neuter services for pets in Chilliwack, Sardis, and the surrounding areas.

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