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Identifying Stress in Your Pet


It is important for pet owners to be aware of their pet’s behavior and recognize when their animal i...

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Pet Dental Care in Chilliwack: Keeping Your Pet's Teeth Healthy


In the absence of regular dental care, most pets develop periodontal disease by the time they are th...

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Common Cat and Dog Skin Conditions and Their Treatment


Skin issues can cause both pets and their owners a lot of distress, especially if left untreated. Th...

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Got Parasites? We Hope Not!


Let’s talk about parasites. They aren’t a topic most people want to even think about, much less disc...

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Why Initial Vaccines and Regular Boosters Are Important to Your Pet’s Health


Vaccines help keep pets protected against diseases that are highly contagious, life-threatening—and ...

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Anxiety- and Behaviour-Related Conditions in Pets


Just like people, pets can suffer from anxiety. Also, like us, pets can sometimes become anxious now...

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Pet Insurance


Get Peace of Mind for Your Pet’s Veterinary Care If something unexpected happens to your pet, like g...

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Senior Pet Wellness


Help Your Older Pet Live Their Happiest and Longest Life Thanks to excellent veterinary and at-home ...

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Obesity Awareness: Being Overweight Can Hurt Your Pet


Although it may seem like a few extra pounds is no big deal for our pets, being overweight is a seri...

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Why Should You Spay or Neuter Your Pet?


Spaying or neutering your dog or cat provides benefits for both you and your pet. At Vedder Mountain...

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Pet Dental Health Month


Early Dental Care Is Essential for Your Pet This February, celebrate Pet Dental Health Month with us...

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Can Dogs Be Genetically Identical Twins?

The answer is rarely, but yes. As twins, these dogs are born in the same embryonic sac and share the...

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